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Update on My Bhu-bhu...

Published by Furede Riko under , on 1/27/2013 02:15:00 PM

Well, perhaps I spoke a bit too soon about how the Vet was a savior (on my Friday's post)... the correct word would be 'Available In Time?', hmmm... don't know what the suitable word though. But yeah, my Cavy's not cured yet, but if we hadn't took her to the Vet that day, she would've been gone for good the same day.

Basically my Cavy's condition went worst yesterday and she's still struggling and shaking up until now. Friday  night, she was already eating as usual, but yesterday she couldn't eat anything at all, that we even had to feed him with blended food. My guess is, the medicine was starting to work, and that had a downside effect making her body weak and shaky. It's definitely very painful to see, because she used to be so lively and cheerful. Now, she's very skinny and fragile, and her body felt cold as well.

Despite that though, she's still responsive, and always turned to gaze us whenever we called her. She's still trying with the small strength she had left to eat something, though simply couldn't eat more than a small bite. I think she still has the will and passion to live, it's obvious she's still struggling her best to do so... and that's already a good thing.

I'm praying every minute to see her back in good condition, hopefully soon. I hope by the time the medicine is out, she'll recover and back to her big appetite again. Really can't wait to see her back in full prime *sniff sniff* T_T

Now I need to get a proper rest myself, I've had pesky flu with cough since early January that wouldn't wore off, and now since last Wednesday I've had stiff neck and annoying headache to made it worst. With my pet in bad condition, now I couldn't even sleep tight, and kept waking up every 2 hours. Suffice to say, I'm not getting any better myself *sigh*

Well... Hope the best, expect the worst...
Thanks for reading, peace for y'all...

*EDIT* Here's her most recent photo, taken on Monday (January 21st) when my family returned from Malaysia. She was still in full health, and was very excited to see everyone again.
FINALLY I was able to upload this one (of course after resizing and cropping as best as I can) *sigh*