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Irrashaimase! Ore wa Furede Riko!
Koko ni wa o-tanoshimi ni yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!!

The Vet is a Savior!!!

Published by Furede Riko under , on 1/25/2013 08:14:00 PM

We found our beloved cavy (Guinea Pig) Bhu-bhu was very ill this morning. She's not greeting anyone who woke up at dawn while she usually was very loud and active to see any member of our family everyday. After that she didn't eat any of the food she was feeded, and she looked very weak as well. 

Thankfully the veterinary was available, so she was able to be taken to the doctor before noon (Guess what! this is already her 4th visit since she was only several months old). Apparently she had some bruises on her paws, and also a dysentery due to eating unhealthy food. We suspected it was because of the lettuce (my uncle who bought it apparently likes to ask the grocer to add extra left-overs from his waste-bag T_T). She was fortunate because we've lost our previous pet (a hamster we called Putih -in english means White) due to the same disease several years ago. I had this eerie feeling that we might've lost her for good if we hadn't took her in time.

The vet feeded her some oral vitamins and medicine, and gave some to be taken later at home. She also got the treatment for her paws. She still refused to eat after she returned home, but thankfully... when I returned home from my tutor-work this evening, she's seemingly back with her appetite, and ate all the grass that I picked for her along the way home. I can even hear her eating some new grass while I'm typing this post. She's going to have her 2nd round of  medicine tonight, and hopefully, she'll regain her usual perky attitude and will be alot better tomorrow.

Here's her picture (the white one), taken last August along with my aunt's cavy. I've posted that on my tumblr.


I wanted to post her recent photo, but my internet has been (very very) AWFUL since morning, that I doubt I could even upload anything. It's been like that for the past few days... months, and I've totally had lost faith in this provider... but had to put up with it because it's still the only one that is reasonable enough for my needs and my funds. Oh well, it's already a nice treat to be able to simply PUBLISH this post anyway...

One thing I learnt today, is that a Vet is truly an honorable occupation... because they cure patients who couldn't even speak about how they feel or about their sympthoms. So whenever your pet is looking our of ordinary, don't hesitate to visit your local Vets as soon as you can. They might give them a higher chance of staying beside you for a much longer time ;)

Thanks Mr Vet! You're awesome!! Thanks for being such a savior today...
Peace for you!!