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My holiday slump...

Published by Furede Riko under , on 1/05/2013 05:50:00 PM

Hmmm... I didn't actually get a good sleep after all during the New Year, so the next day (January 2nd) I kinda went into hibernation-mode... and suffered the swaying jet-lag-like motion until yesterday. That's probably one of the biggest annoyance about holidays that I always had, my body seemed to have lost its vitality and strength and resistance at the same time, that I've been having 'sick' holidays lately...

The good-side was, I had a good amount of time to watch all the series that I haven't been able to watch... you may call it as lazing around, but it's actually not the case. I simply tried to keep my consciousness awake, to avoid the backlash of insomnia during the night time, the time when I should definitely be resting.

As my somewhat 'holiday' is approaching its end (going to be back in routines on Monday, though Tuesday's probably the real day anyway)... my body is slowly getting better and healthier. That's good? Well, indeed... but sometimes I would prefer having my body in good condition during the holiday as well, so I can do lots of stuffs better. I still have a promise to several Youtube colleagues I haven't been able to complete.... Gosh, dear laptop, why do you always have to start behaving whenever I got the situation right? *sigh*

I kinda gained 2-3 kilograms during this particular holiday, especially because I was never healthy enough to do my daily cardio during the year-end. The weight slump is starting to look obvious now... Geez. TOTALLY looking forward to cut them all again and reshape in the next days.

Well... thanks for reading (just in case anyone actually does so hahaha). See you soon! Peace y'all!