Furede Riko... Sanjou!!!

Irrashaimase! Ore wa Furede Riko!
Koko ni wa o-tanoshimi ni yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!!

It's NEW YEAR 2013!!!

Published by Furede Riko under on 1/01/2013 12:32:00 AM

Well, whadya know... after a long winding hiatus, I'm finally back in this blog. For good? Probably not... but probably yes as well... who knows what will happen in 2013. Right?

Anyway, didn't plan to stay up during the New Year Eve tonight, unfortunately... all the loud noises of fireworks, trumpets, and people shouting kinda ruin my plan of a good night sleep. So yeah, here I am, in front of my laptop, typing my first ever blog post (in 2013), with runny nose, and sore sleepy eyes... with chills all over the body, cause basically I've been quite unhealthy since yesterday's afternoon. Is that a good sign? Look not unlikely... but hey, nothings certain anyway, right?

So yeah... as much as I doubt anyone still reads this blog, for those of you who happen to stumble on this small crib of mine, one that had been abandoned for yet another whole year (In case you wondered, yes, my last blog post was Xmas last year, 2011), especially now that I'm basically tumbling like crazy (Hey... I could schedule them nicely you know, that's why I could write a lot in the start of the month to have them published  on itself on a daily schedule.....)... It's NEW YEAR 2013, so celebrate!!!

I'm thinking of returning to posting ramblings on this blog starting from today, yes... 2013 is the revival of FuredeRiko.Blogspot... hahaha sort of, however, don't expect (many) posts with Indonesian language though, cause I'll be going, and definitely going for an English route starting from... right now. EN GARDE!! So that anyone out there everywhere could understand without having stoo-pit Google translate do the job by weirdly translating Bahasa Indonesia into scarred English hahaha XD

Thanks for reading, see y'all soon!!!
Oh and yes...

(As for me, here's hoping I could get my proper sleep back for now *sigh*) 

Peace... (^^)v