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Farewell My Dearest One...

Published by Furede Riko under , on 1/29/2013 08:51:00 AM

In Loving Memoriam

February 18th, 2006 - January 29th, 2013

Today, at around 07:35 AM, our family had lost one of our beloved member, who was always cheerful and excited to greet us everytime the morning comes. She rested in peace, in the presence of all of our family members, and she even gave her last breath in my caring comforting hands. She had finally left the world to meet my late Father, who loved her so much even until the day he went to heaven. Bhu-bhu is with him now, after taking over his place as the lively member of our small family. It's a sad day to every member of our family, that even our flowing tears could never describe how precious she was to each and every one of us.

Now... her shouting, caring nature, and gentle behaviors will continue to live on, not in physical, but in memory, deep inside our hearts. No longer can I see her moving her small body towards me, no longer can I see her kind and comforting gaze and loud calling whenever I return home. ... but I know for sure, she's in a happy place now, and she'll always be looking at me with her happy wheek from Heaven above. One thing for sure, she will deeply be missed by not just me, but every member of our family.

This day, I've lost not just a pet, yes she's more than just a pet... I've lost a family member! I've also lost an important piece of my life, someone who had always been a true friend, who never left my side (not once) and who'd always provide comfort during my dark days, someone who always reminded me that I'm never alone, even when I've lost my faith to the world. Not with speech or sweet talks, but simply by being there and present beside me. In her own magical way, she showed me what a true friend should've been. The image of a true friend a guy could've ever asked for. I've lost the one and only true friend I had left in this dark and cruel world. 

My dearest Bhu-bhu, thank you for being there by my side for more than 6 years. You've stayed the longest and even in your final days, you still tried and struggled to continue living for us. Thank you for replacing my Dad's place during the time I needed him the most. You'll always live on in my heart my dearest Bhu-bhu! Till the day we finally meet again in Heaven...    

PS: I'm going to add her photos later, because right now it's still hard for me to see her images. Perhaps tomorrow or the day after, after my emotion finally calm down. Thanks for reading everyone...

*EDIT January 30th, 2013: Finally discovered her real birthday... gonna post the photo for that later