Furede Riko... Sanjou!!!

Irrashaimase! Ore wa Furede Riko!
Koko ni wa o-tanoshimi ni yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!!

...a heartwrenching morning...

Published by Furede Riko under , on 1/29/2013 04:25:00 AM

I woke up this morning at 04.00 AM by a weird voice from my Cavy...

She's suffering a great pain, and is shaking (still is until now), and it seemed like she's feeling cold. Today, I could obviously see the pain that she tried to endure in her eyes, they're not as bright as even yesterday. She's definitely crying, especially when we tried to pet her.

We're going to take her back to the Vet later on 09.00AM... I hope she still had a chance to continue another day, she's definitely trying very hard to be healthy but in the end, all lifes are in God's hand... T_T. Perhaps I've been too evil enough for Him to hear my continuous prayer though... sometime I wonder if He ever listen to me at all. Wish He actually would this time, cause Bhu-bhu is no ordinary pet, she's one of our family, more than that... she's probably the one and only true/best friend I had left today.


Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to hold up these water that is strangely starting to flow from my eyes... ;(