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Gokaiger & OOO Sharing One Common Theme... (part.2)

Published by Furede Riko under , on 5/16/2011 06:20:00 AM

And so, the long awaited second part has arrived.... though I actually doubt people actually waited Haha. Thanks to the airing of the conclusion part for OOO (episode 34), this review can be finished, but... 

But before I move on, just a few hours after I posted the 1st Part, I discovered that the title was a bit misfitting. Why? Because apparently NOT only two series of the Super Hero Time slot that shared a common theme of TRUE FRIENDSHIP, but the other one, Suite Precure also used the same theme. So apparently all Super Hero Time shows last week, were showcasing this theme. Thus the correct title for the blog post would be... Super Hero Time Sharing One Common Theme. Yups, that's supposed to be MUCH PERFECT....! But then I went lazy and leave it like as is and decided to review the Suite Precure later hahahaha... (So I'm doing it now, while waiting for the sub release)

So, before I conclude the post with the OOO's conclusion, I'm going to review Suite Precure's 13th episode entitled Mumumuuun, Siren and Hummy's Secret first, and Part 3 will be the finale after I finally able to watch OOO with subtitles.

In this episode, Hibiki and Kanade discussed with Hummy the chances of Siren (the Diva of Minor Land a.k.a their enemy, and worst than that the previous leader of their enemy)... as the new hero Cure Muse that appeared recently. Hibiki and Kanade wondered if it was true because Siren has always been trying to sabotage them instead of helping, but the sweet and sincere Hummy has different perspective. 

Which led Kanade asking
Kanade : But, why has she been doing bad things?
Hummy: ... Well...
Well, for those of you who haven't watch the show (to be honest, I marathoned all 12 episode in a single day as well hahaha, hence the reason why I watched this episode later on), the precure power only works well for both Hibiki and Kanade when they are 'harmonizing', and Siren was trying to destroy the bond between this two childhood best friends (who were just returned to being friends after such a long cold war thanks to a simple misunderstanding). Siren posed as a girl called Sakura to steal Hibiki away as her best friend, but ended up tightening the friendship between Hibiki and Kanade. The side effect, Siren also felt weird and melancholy afterwards, she even shed real tears when Hibiki told her that it's okay for Sakura/Siren to be her best friend. Now let's continue with the storyline...

Siren left the Minor Trio and Mephisto with all her stuffs after feeling all that weird 'sweet feeling' and getting pissed as Bassdrum accusing her to be Cure Muse. She wanted to be alone for a while. Upon passing the garden, she ran into Hummy (who was excited with the thought of Siren becoming the 3rd precure).

Hummy: Siren! I haven't seen you for a while! I was so worried... Where did you go?
Siren: It doesn't matter where I went!
Hummy: So that means that you're Cure Muse?
Siren: That again??
Hummy: Please tell me honestly...
Siren: I won't say it twice, so listen up. I... am NOT CURE MUSE!!!!

Hummy wondered and never understand why Siren has been very cold toward her, Siren told her she was an airhead and annoying. Suddenly an angry cat passed by and thought Siren was mocking her. He chased the two, only to be scared away by Hibiki and Kanade. Siren left them leaving a scroll of music notes she was carrying.
A scroll from the past which happened to be very important, which led Hummy to share her past with Siren to the two Precures. Born in Major Land, Hummy and Siren were the best of friends.
Siren was a more talented singer in every musical aspects and always willing to teach Hummy to do the correct notes. They were always practicing together. Siren always performed the Melody of Happiness each year. That year, as the contest to vote for the year's singer was opened, Hummy decided to try out.

Hummy: Siren, let's practice together!
Siren: No! You'll come to rely on me too much. If you want to be the one to sing the Melody of Happiness, then stop thinking naively.
Hummy: But you're my singing teacher...
Siren: No. We're rivals right now...

They practiced by themselves afterwards. On the day the score for the audition was handed, Hummy overslept so she missed the score. One of the contestant, Diva, tricked Hummy by giving her a false score. Siren found out about this on the day of the contest, and gave her own score to Hummy to save her. Hummy was so nervous that he made the judges and the other contestants laugh at her. She looked back to Siren.

With the support Siren gave, Hummy gained her confidence. As in term of Randy Jackson (courtesy of American Idol ^^v), Hummy was IN IT TO WIN IT! Her singing wow-ed Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Steven Tyler and J-Lo... I mean the judges. It also moved Siren to tears of awe and happiness.
Hummy was crowned Major Land Idol.... hahaha.... I mean she get to sing the Melody of Happiness. Hummy felt that Siren drifted apart after that. Hibiki understood Siren's feeling, whilst Hummy didn't. Siren appeared saying that Hummy is an idiotic airhead, and she regreted to have helped Hummy. She knew that Hummy was a better singer. But Hummy still thought of her as her best friend no matter how things have changed.

Siren was touched, and she started remembering everything. Hibiki and Kanade realized that the tears from Siren when she was posing as Sakura were real, that Siren is actually looking and missed her best friend all this time.

Hummy: When you cry, the moon rises. (This explains the reason why Siren kept watching at the moon)
Siren: Moon... Where?
Hummy: I guess not...
Siren: You're such an airhead. I was the one who taught you.
Hummy: Yup

And Hummy shared her dreams to Siren.

Unfortunately, as things were going good for them, disguised as stupid guys, Falsetto and Barritone appeared to distract them all. Hummy along with the two Precures left Siren alone. A figure appeared, and it was Diva, the cat that tricked Hummy. Diva told Siren false accusations about Hummy, but she didn't trust her, and even Mephisto, because in her heart she truly believed in her best friend Hummy.
Mephisto released his final trick on his sleeves, delivering an evil brainwash to destroy Siren's memories, and it turned out that Diva was just a creation of Mephisto out of paper craft.

And so the episode sadly ended with Siren is back to evil, and destroying the music scroll. Hummy is left saddened, as she gazed upon the moon while remembering Siren, whom at the same time doing the same with no memory in her heart...

Though it didn't really moved me more than OOO or Gokai, this is so sad... Feel very sorry for Siren... Though she was a very annoying villain at start, this background story of her actually revealed her true heart, and I can honestly say that without the brainwash, she would be an awesome friend...

So, for now to be continued again...
But for a short period of time, because I think the sub will be arriving this afternoon, or tomorrow morning.
See ya soon, Peace y'all...