Furede Riko... Sanjou!!!

Irrashaimase! Ore wa Furede Riko!
Koko ni wa o-tanoshimi ni yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!!


Published by Furede Riko under on 4/29/2011 11:57:00 AM

Let me just tell you two words right now... Okay, it's actually three, but you can 'zip' it to two words...



And why is that? Well, it's a bit complicated because it is actually a happy thing that turns into sadness and anger.... Here's why:

1. I just checked on the forum http://www.rangerboard.com/ that I constantly visit... and they said that the long awaited FAST FURIOUS 5 & THOR is now playing in theaters!!!!! And of course, OUTSIDE OF INDONESIA!!!!! Graaaaaarrrggghhhh....!!! I've been waiting for these movies since last year... but no, the government wasn't in the same line with me... so, they didn't even care that their action last January would cause an iritated feeling in my heart... They said Thor was kinda suck though...

2. Another awesome movie is coming up... And what is that??. They've released the full trailer along with the premiere of FAST 5... And it was pure AWESOME!!! And yet again.... CAN'T WATCH IT IN INDONESIAN THEATERS!!!! Watching the trailer was so awesome, that I almost cried... yes, but cried by anger and sadness. To think that I even waited and ANTICIPATED for the 3D version.... PLEASE BRING THESE MOVIES TO BANDUNG!!!

3. With the sad and angry feeling knowing that most other awaited movies are out of reach... (Hello, Green Lantern anyone? Pirates of Carribean 4 anyone?) I tried to visit http://www.21cineplex.com/ with a scarce of hope hoping that they will bring those movies...but WHAT DO I SEE???? Pocong Mandi Goyang Pinggul??? Kuntilanak Kesurupan?? O... M... G... I think the fried noodle I just ate is making its way out of my stomach already... but through my mouth... Yes! I feel like throwing out T.T Why can't they just replace it with at least much much DECENT movies that those???!! Aaaarrgghhhhh

4. The shocking elimination of American Idol has been revealed, and as I was guessing that Jacob Lusk or Haley Reinhart would be going home... NOPE! Another one is going home... No SIR!! My favorite Casey Abrams.... IS THE ONE GOING HOME!!!! What the...???? And after such an awesome REVUE show he performed last night as well??? Arrghhhh.... I have no hope anymore for Idol now T.T

I don't know how these many attacks has affected my brain, but I'm really really pissed! Further more, the fact that last week's disappoinment is still stuck in my head, now these ones.... -_-

I think to release the tension, I'm going to cut some heads... yup, no pun intended... literally going to cut and slice some heads in my XBOX 360. Going to do those gruesome fatalities to numerous people now!!!
Peace yo!!!