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Oath of The Peach Garden...

Published by Furede Riko under , on 2/02/2011 06:19:00 AM

Well, to be honest... I was never really that interested in the story of "The Romance of Three Kingdoms", I never found that Chinese folklore was that interesting, and prefer Japanese folklore better...

However, SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors changed a slight part of my point of view. I ended up watching the series, enjoyed it, and collected the action figures from that series ^^. One part of the story that peaked my interest is the Oath of the Peach Garden. It is the promise/oath  proclaimed by the Three Brothers : Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei...

"When saying the names Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, although the surnames are different, yet we have come together as brothers. From this day forward, we shall join forces for a common purpose, and come to each other's aid in times of crisis. We shall avenge the nation from above, and pacify the citizenry from below. We seek not to be born on the same day, in the same month and in the same year. We merely hope to die on the same day, in the same month and in the same year. May the gods of heaven and earth attest to what is in our hearts. If we should ever do anything to betray our friendship, may the gods in heaven strike us dead."
~Romance of the Three Kingdoms/ Chapter 1

This is a really touching moment from the story that felt really uplifting for me, because it taught me of unity, loyalty and true brotherhood, not just friendship. TRUE AND SINCERE FRIENDSHIP AND BROTHERHOOD!!! Woooaaa.... Things like these really hit my soft spot hahahaha.

So, without further ado... I present you... the scene of Oath of the Peach Garden from my own room!

Kan'u / Guan Yu Gundam, Hero of the Demon Beard...

Chouhi / Zhang Fei Gundam, The Unrivalled Blade,

And of course Ryubi / Liu Bei Gundam
(who finally made a public appearance eventhough he has been with us since September 2010 hahahaha)

"Today we three proclaim our brotherhood!!"

"We are not born in the same time..."

"But we swore to die together..."

"Because we are brothers...!!!"

"...Till the end of time!!!"

Three brothers will head toward bright future together... (^_^)/

True friendship and brotherhood will surpase every obstacles and dangers ahead...
And a final pose... with the most collection of my action figures...
(pay attention to the background object to understand the reason why I feel that this 'Oath' felt so dear and precious to me... hehehehe)

You can tell that I actually got the pose mixups though... Kan'u was supposed to be standing at Ryubi's left... Guess I'll work on it later... Hahaha, now to prepare myself to work ^^
Peace yo