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The Heroic Pirates...

Published by Furede Riko under , on 2/15/2011 06:03:00 AM

No no no... I'm not talking about Luffy and the gang down there at Going Merry (One Piece anyone?), nor Jack Sparrow and the Carribean Sea (which by the way, will be coming in its 4th installment by May)... Both are pirates, but the Pirates I want to brag about here is none other than...


Yups... The 35th Anniversary Sentai troop, who happen to be Pirates riding in their Gokai Galleon (which of course turns into a mecha/megazord). Wow I mean WOW... that's the first impression after I watched the Opening and Ending sequences... and then O_O when I actually watched it full yesterday. It was PURE AWESOME!!!

Gokaiger premiered the day before Valentine, on the February 13th... so it's a very fresh show arriving in Japanese home entertainment. It showcases 5 Pirates who were able to change into past sentai... This is kind of Kamen Rider Decade esque, though Decade started off good then went pooped upon reaching the end.

The Gokaiger was coming to earth to search for the GREATEST TREASURE of the Universe... (Love?). When they are approaching the global hemisphere, they run into Zangyack and got a CG fight that was simply amazing. So they arrive to earth... to fulfill their goal, and they ended up eating curry T.T. But the lunch is disturbed by the attack of Zangyack troops that are trying to take over the world as well. Eventhough they feel reckless at first, after seeing how the troops endangering children, they make no haste and attack them, and proclaim war toward the Zangyack.

The battle sequence is nicely done... I mean, they were very skillfull, and acrobatic, and they each still stay in characters. I really like how they swap weapon, making Gokai Blue and Yellow holding 2 blades, while Green and Pink holding two guns. The fight was fantastic, and beside that, when they morph into Goranger??? It was pure pleasure hahahaha. In the first episode only, they morph into Goranger, Shinkenger and Magiranger (eventhough we were actually sceptical to see Magi Blue turnes into male, the scene is okay after all). Next episode they will morph into Deka and Hurricanger. Wow... this series is really a masterpiece for Super Sentai fans... it is very very nice to see old teams coming back for action ^____^

This show has great influences by One Piece. Luka Milfy (Gokai Yellow) looks and acts so much like Nami. Don Dockoier (Gokai Green) is as wacko as Usopp, well who else wants to run away to homebase when the rest of his team was doing this heroic pose upon seeing the violence by Zangyack Troops. Ahim De Famillie (Gokai Pink), was such a princess, even with how she speaks and all... Kind of like Vivi from Arabasta, but this one is much cuter and... well... comical to see (where else can we find someone telling that eating Curry is peasant's food wkwkwkwk). Joe Givken (Gokai Blue) was Zorro exque, though this one is a much cooler and handsome version of him.... and of course Captain Marvelous (Red) is in a way, Luffy. Overall, I'm really loving each characters, even Don who I particularly dislike in the past. He turns up to be entertaining in his own wacky way ^^.

I hope this series will continue to shine as it goes to the next episodes and so on. I hope it doesn't turn awfull like the one happened to Kamen Rider Decade, because I'm sure Toei has learn their lesson by Decade (Onore... DECADE!!!). Another good rumor, is that heroes and heroines from the past teams are making come back, not all of them... but they are still a nice treat. I'm really looking forward to see Chief / Satoru Akashi (Boukenger) and Gouki (Ginga Blue), two of my personal favorites hehehe...

Can't wait to see episode two, with the rumored appearance of Kai Ozu (Magi Red) !!! YAY!
Have a nice holiday everyone...
Peace for y'all