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October 1st Friday Morning...

Published by Furede Riko under , on 10/01/2010 07:17:00 AM

Another start for another new month....

And I'm already sitting and posting from the seat of my office. The 1st of October means that we only have 3 months left to end 2010. And further more, only 91 days (without counting today) before we head on to 2011. Life's been an awesome ride, and it has been such ups and downs. October also marks a new stage of life for me, where the last digit of my age will increase by one, before it will return to zero next year, thus making the first digit increases hahahaha. I'm getting older, but there's still plenty things I want to achieve...

With that said, I'm going to try my best to do what GOD wants me to do... Because if I walk alone, then I'll surely head toward uncertainty. But when I walk with THEE, I'm sure HE'll lead me to safety and abundant of blessing.

Have an awesome October 1st, and let's count the days towards our dreams... ^^
GANBATTE NEE!!! Peace y'all