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The Unwound Future...

Published by Furede Riko under , on 9/20/2010 06:36:00 AM

Is the English, or to be exact the US title of "Layton Kyouju to Saigo no Jikan Ryouko" (Professor Layton and The Last Time Travel)...

This is the third installment of the Professor Layton Series. The UK/Europe version is called "The Lost Future". The final episode of the trilogy, that involves Professor Layton, his apprentice Luke Triton and the additional characters in London. The story takes place in 2 set of time, the present London and the future London, where Layton meets the 10 years older Luke Triton, or Big Luke.

I've been playing the US version since Friday (September 17th) and is having a good time with all the new puzzles, eventhough the concept of the game actually feels draggy now that I'm at my 3rd title. Yes, the concept is similar to the first and the second game , which is a puzzle game. We wander around London, meeting lots of people with puzzles, and even completing puzzles to unlock gateways to new areas. Even with the same concept, these titles has their own storyline that is truly the main reason for me to play them. The first title guided us to a "Curious Village" where Layton and Luke tried to solve a mystery requested by the owner of the place, who wanted to save his one and only daughter Flora. The second title guided us to a trip searching the Elysian/Pandora Box with the Molentary Express, to reveal that the box actually preserves a memory of a true love. I had lost of fun with the previous two titles, even when I used walkthrough to make it to the end of the 2nd one hahaha. Back to the 3rd title.... I've played the JPN version of this game sometime last year, but I couldn't even past Chapter 2 because... well, the puzzles themselves are not an easy task to answer... added to the fact that I was trying to read it in Japanese: it became twice the puzzle indeed. So having the English version is a splendid treat for me now...

At the time this post is made, I've reached Chapter 10 of 14. Still a long way, because I've solved only 85 of 168 puzzles available. I've nailed most of them myself, and several with the help of a walkthrough. Yup, I admit that I'm too lazy to solve moving blocks puzzle that takes time and held me back to moving on with the storyline. There are several complicated puzzle, but since I've only went half the way, I can still manage. Besides, having experienced with 2 earlier titles, I think I've got higher knowledge in seeing that a puzzle sometimes has a trick that sometimes creates different anwer than what we've supposed to think. For example, this one puzzle, asked us to count the number of people, from a group of tourists in a double decker bus. The answer is not that predictable because you need to add the fact that there are two other additional people beside the tourists. The tour guide, and yes... the BUS DRIVER. Very neat, huh?

The story itself tells us about a Time Machine created by Dr. Stahngun. In a public demo, a huge chaos happened when the machine exploded and caused Bill Hawks, the prime minister, to vanish. This prologue, brought us to encounter letters from the Future Luke, asking Layton to solve the mystery from a different time. And thus, Layton and Luke had to traveled to 10 years ahead-London to put all the puzzled together. Later on, Flora and the others joined Layton to access the future themselves.

What I really love about the story so far, is that it digs deeper into the character's past. Revealing Layton one-time lover Claire, the reason why Don Paolo called himself an arch-nemesis for the puzzle Professor, and all. And there's this fact (warning! SPOILER ahead) that makes me want to continue the storyline as soon as possible:

(In front of the statue of Statue Plaze - Future London)       
Luke : "..."
Layton : "Luke! There you are!"
Luke : "...Oh, hi, Professor."
Layton : "I see you've gone out for a stroll. Do you mind if I join you?"
Luke : "No problem. Sorry to run off. I was just... well, I was just thinking."
Luke : "We've had so much fun these last few years. And I've gotten so used to going everywhere together."
Layton : "Of course you have. After all, we're the best of friends. It's only natural we'd spend time together."
Luke : "Dad told me the other day that his job is transferring him. So we'll all be moving."
Layton : "Ah, yes. Your father mentioned that to me as well. Tell me, Luke, do you believe that we're true friends?"
Luke : "Of course I do! How can you even ask that?"

Layton : "Good. Then there's no need to worry."
Layton : "You see, true friends share a special connection. And this connection endures no matter how far apart they may be separated physically."
Layton : "Distance and time apart are irrelevant to the bond formed by a true friendship...."
To be honest, those simple dialogues made me go... "What the...???" T____T 
I've heard rumors about this being the last adventure of Layton and Luke, but new titles popping up after this one (The Eternal Diva, The Specter's Flute, The Mask of Miracle) made me doubt about that rumors. Even from starting this game, there's no definite events leading to that rumor. But then, after almost 60% progressing the game, the truth is revealed. And to add more facts to the rumor, the new titles I mentioned happened BEFORE the 1st game, and Wikipedia said that this 3rd game is the final title from the chronology. Wow... I mean wow, so this is another GOODBYE? I've been experiencing different kind of this 'farewell thing' lately, is it a sign for me?
Anyway, I'm on my quest to finishing the storyline. Hopefully, if I can make use of my spare time, I will be able to nail it by the end of this week. When the time comes, I'll be posting another review to this game, as well as the review to what maybe the conclusion to Layton and Luke's adventure...
Till then, Peace yo 
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