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Life is a Choice...

Published by Furede Riko under , on 9/11/2010 09:57:00 AM

Life is a collection of choices...

One choice can make you go straight, Another can make you do sharp turns in your life,
Those turns can lead you to where you truly belong,
But it can also lead you far from yourself, from the one you care, from the one who cares.

Some choices are available, for your free will of chosing,
There are some that is meant for a bright future,
There are also those which might lead you to draw away you from it.
Just remember always to value the wondrous of choices.

A simple choice might lead you to different changes.
There are ones for the good, and ones that are the opposite.
Changes are an essential part of anyone's life, and you'll sure to meet them as you advance.
Just remember to always be focus.
Don't let that change draw you far from your dreams,
From your true purpose in life, or from the ones who cared for you the most.
Don't let it consumed you, and absorb you into something you're actually not.
Don't let it loose yourself.

Don't ever let it made you walk away from the true path you're supposed to be,
From those who valued your presence as whole,
From those who put their hearts in caring and praying for you.
Don't let it contained your bright eyes with cold sheer darkness,
Don't let it stole your kindness and gentle smile.
Because to most people, losing them means losing their essence, means losing theirselves,
And sometimes what has been lost, can never be found again.

Life is like crossing to the other side of a cliff on a single wire.
You can only move forward, or fall. You must always hold it with your strongests grip,
Or either you'll fall...
There are times when you're battling with the wind,
There are times when you're passing an obstacle,
And there are times when you need to wisely make the next step.
But more than that, all of those times, you're battling againsts yourself.
Against the trouble mind you're having, against the mental pressure from deep within,
Againsts the fear that might sometimes consumes you slowly.

All of those times, you're given tight choices...
Whether you must stay still, whether you must move forward, or just to give up and fall away.
But once you move forward, there are no turning back.
You can never repeat those steps you've made.
You can simply return to the start, but just to re-start the whole thing:
the fear, the challenge, and the pressure.
It's a one way forward towards a true goal,
And turning back means drawing that goal farther and farther away from you.

Life is like a crossroad, that will guide you to one way destinations.
Once you get there, choices are the one that will wait for you.
Either you can go left, or go right, move forward, turn back, or pick the sideways,
Those choices are for you alone to decide.
And when you've chosen one, it will not be possible to see what the other roads may lead,
Because those roads will be an entirely new road from the one you took.

Those who choose wisely will move further to a true destination,
Ascend to a higher stage in life, gains new experiences and lessons of life...
But those who doesn't choose with wisdom, might get lost,
Or just to discover that it's just a one way that re-directs you back to the first crossroads.
And one thing for sure,
When you reach back to that previous crossroad,
The signs are different, the roads are different, everything is different...
Because you are not the 'you' who once was there before anymore,
And that same crossroad is not the same as before.

Waiting is another option at that crossroad. It is indeed another choice for you to take.
Whether you're waiting to make the right choice, or waiting to decide what's best.
But most road the the crossroad lead, does not stay for a long time.
They are only available for a small period of time,
And thus changing with new ones as they fade away.
Those who refuse to choose a particular road, and prefers to stand still,
Will only find that those roads, those choices are decreasing...
Until there is none.
And those who choose to stand still, and wait, will lose all the chance that was offered.
Those people will stay in a world of stagnancy.

So choose wisely, choose with His guidance,
Do not choose with your own heart and head, but choose with His lead.
Don't let it make you loose or sacrifice the most important things in your life,
And more than that... the utmost important thing of your life.
Make sure that you won't waste away a precious part of your life,
Because a second chance is a rare masterpiece,
There are things that can be restored,
But there are also things that only last once, and cannot be relived...

So make the right step, make the right choice,
Do the right one, do the right choice,
And live your days to the fullest, without any regrets,
Because regrets only comes, after you've reach the final edge of a choice...
Or when you're walking, in the point of no return


Have a blessed day, have a blessed life, have a blessed choice
Hope this post has been a blessing to you...
Peace yo