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Starting a New Category...

Published by Furede Riko under , , on 8/28/2010 11:25:00 AM

I don't know why...

But suddenly I have the urge to start a new category in my blog. And the category is "English Diary". Yup, just like the title suggests... I want to try to write more in English. In what purpose?
1. To resurrect my English writing skills...
2. To prepare for the future...
3. To encourage others to do the same, and try as much as possible to interact in an International language...

So, this is my first post, under the label/category "English Diary"!

I actually feel a bit silly, because I've wanted to create a special category for comics/manga review, but haven't been able to post or start a single post for that yet. I'll probably do that, sometimes next week or so. But I do have several list to review already. That, and the fact that my collection has increased greatly since last year.

So what's the topic for this first "English Diary" post? Well... just daily ramblings, plus a small movie review... hahahaha.

I've been having this uneasy feeling towards certain someone... yes, the 'D' word (what's the D word? Well, you can just read it among my past posts). But thankfully after I got the chance to spill them out to a trusted person, I can feel much easy... and even more, this morning as I was doing my usual gym exercise... while running on the treadmill, I realized that perhaps I've been overthinking about it. Perhaps, the most perfect suitable vocab for my condition is... PARANOIA. Yes, I kinda got this weird anxiety that certain bad memory in the past, will be repeating itself. I somehow said to myself, that it was silly. Because if you are paranoia, then it means that your are worry, and when you're worry... you're not doing what HE prefered you to do. Yes, I should really entrust HIM about this problem, and rest everything upon HIM who can heal all things. I even feel silly if I remember my last post, about the song, that said "God Always Has A Way".

Anyways, another thing that has opened my eyes and thoughts about this matter, is a movie I watched this morning. It's the movie version of "Ojamajou Doremi #". The movie itself tells us about the argument between Doremi and her sister Pop, who argued over small things. Here's a brief storyline:

Pop was disappointed that Doremi didn't appreciate her after her success in taking a witch test. Instead she scolded her badly for letting Hana-chan to go along with her. That was not on purpose, because Hana-chan followed Pop herself, without everyone's notice. Pop, very sad and disappointed, ran away to cry. As she was crying, she cursed Doremi to turn into a mouse. Without her knowing, a small Witch Heart Queen she carried from the Witch World, was a special flower that grants wishes. So, her wish came true, Doremi was transformed into a mouse, and got lost because Majo Rika and the others thought she was a pest and chased her away from Maho-Do.

Later, after Hazuki, Aiko and Onpu discovered Pop... Majo-Rika realized that Pop was carrying that particular flower. The flower itself could become a very dangerous flower, because if it was used to grant a BAD wish, it will turn colors and became evil. Thus the flower moved around town, granting bad wished from all other people. Pop realized her mistake and try to find Doremi, to finally admit that she really really cared for her older sister and she loved her so much. Doremi apologized for scolding Pop, and said that she really cared for Pop as well. Both acknowledged this, after they confessed that they have been feeling disappointed and envy towards each other. Apparently each other has a reason, and what they thought was wrong. So they made up and forgave each other. Suddenly a group of sewer rats chased them, and they were in a pinch. Thankfull the other 3 witches arrived in time to saved them.

They managed to capture the flower, which about to spread its seed throughout town. And the 4 witches tried their best using Magical Stage to return the flower to its original form. They failed. But they are saved because Pop's sincere apology and regret, managed to create miracle. The flower was returned to normal, and returned to the garden.

Since this is a kid's movie... the story is simple and doesn't need to think hard to digest. But I really enjoys it, because it's an eye openener. The dispute between Doremi and Pop, makes me realize how a small problem should never be evolved into a huge one. And, besides, I learn that to speak from the heart is probably the best thing to envelope a wonderful relationship. Whether it's between brothers/sisters, friends, family, couple and others.

I recommend you to find this movie on the net. It's not superb, but the message it tries to delivers really delivers something for me.

So, this ends my first English language post in this blog... Hope everyone enjoys it, and beside that, I encourage others, especially those who like to read this small blog... to reply in English, and please give me correction if I had a mistake in grammar or so. I'm off to watch the next Ojamajou Doremi movie in my collection now... Spending my weekend to refresh myself, in a way to restore my mind and thought to its previous state.

Peace yo!