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All good things must come to an End...

Published by Furede Riko under , on 8/29/2010 08:48:00 AM

Yep, another post in English...

This morning, TV Asahi has just aired the FINAL episode (eps 49) of Kamen Rider W. The series itself has really given me great interests so far, and lots of morale messages throughout the entire runnings. And so, today, another great thing has come to an end. I haven't watched this episode, and is currently downloading the pen-ultimate one (eps 48).

You know what? I felt so moved when on episode 47, Shoutaro went berserk and depressed knowing that his partner, his best friend... his half part of Kamen Rider W is going to disappear forever. Somehow I almost cried, because I kinda feel the same thing is going on in my life. Brother, if you read this, then I think you'll kinda understand why I have been acting weird, because I kinda feel that now that you're moving to a higher stage in life, I kinda feel that I'm 'losing' you in a way. Just like what Shoutaro felt about Philip. Losing and important person in his life is truly a hardship...

the accidental photo of the 'family' that Aki created for Philip to tell him that they ARE family

Honestly, it was a really touchy scene, really moved me a lot. And the intense has increased with the appearance of Utopia Dopant (Kazu Jun), that has somehow forced Shoutarou and Philip to henshin-ed into W, with the cost of finally erasing Philip forever. I'm really eager to watch eps. 48 I'm currently leeching. And more than that, I would really really want to see the final episode. Which by the way, after I saw some spoilers on the net... will be a happy ending.

What? Kamen Rider Joker? That means... Shoutaro is now a SINGLE Rider? T.T

I guess sometime next week TV-N will be releasing the final episode, and thus I will be parting with another awesome series (earlier this year, I parted with a Sentai series I really loved: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, where? here... ). And after that, I will be welcoming a new hero... Kamen Rider OOO!

Premiere on September 5th!!!

I'll be posting a full review of the last episodes, perhaps NOT in English hahaha... so be sure to follow me if you're interested in this series as well! Till then, have an awesome weekend...

Peace yo!

Kamen Rider W Movie promo!!! Can't wait to watch this as well!