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Arcee Chromia and FlareUp Pictures!!!!!

Published by Furede Riko under , on 10/27/2009 09:34:00 PM

Warning.... Ripped from DVD....

Chromia on the loose.... Look out Sideways!!! (Chromia chasing Sideways)

If one is not enough, than it's three... (Arcee shooting Sideways)

The road is too narrow for the both of us!!! (Chromia shooting Sideways from the side)

Where are Chromia and FlareUp? We're going for Egypt skydive now!!! (Arcee in Airplane)

Ironhide and three gals??? Wow!!! (Ironhide with Bike Sisters)

Hey Chromia, where are you? (Ironhide with Bike Sisters)

Whoops... I'm here!!! (Chromia escorting Ironhide)

Hey.... did I went the wrong way?? (Chromia escorting Ironhide)

Hey Sam & Mikaela, I'm FlareUp!!! Have you guys knew me? (FlareUp catching up with Sam)

What? Don't know me? Oh yes, I forgot... Bay hated me... T.T (FlareUp asking Sam to go with her)

See??? He hated me so badly right?? >.< (FlareUp got shot by Protoform)

My... he hated Arcee as well.... m(_ _)m (Arcee got shot by Protoform)

But I think he doesn't hate Chromia.... ~_~ (Chromia hid behind the ruins from Protoform attack)

Lihat kan? Kasian nasib mereka... hiks hiks hiks....
Anyway, sory banget ada menu bar yang muncul di screenshot2 terakhir... ga sadar ninggalin slider bar disana hahahaha

Enjoy! Peace yo