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In The World of My Own

Published by Furede Riko under , on 9/04/2009 07:38:00 PM

It feels weird to always feel the same on and on and on
Knowing that I only belong in the world of my own

It feels strange and an indescribable pain
To see that everyone always seems to have someone under the rain

But you know what? I'm sure there are others who feels the same
Trying to cope with all the struggle of going insane
With the fact that no one care when you mourn
As we live in the world of our own

People share laughter, moments, and all joy as if no sorrow
Whereas other stay within their silence,
Just the same, yesterday, today and an unlikely tomorrow

I've kept looking for the one
Who can make me asure that I am not just a no one

Yet again and again and again
I feel that when I have finally found
They are nothing but like a dust in a pound

Disappointed and crushed
Bit by bit loosing all trust
I found myself in a place
Where I no longer can keep up with that kind of pace

Looking for shelter and discover none
Searching the moon and found the sun
One by one they walk away
Just like the gulfs who finally leave the bay

Everyone, one after another
Step forward closing their shutter
Of the presence of someone who never see them as a bother...

All I know now...
Is that I will always live in the world of my own...
All by myself... all by my own...