Furede Riko... Sanjou!!!

Irrashaimase! Ore wa Furede Riko!
Koko ni wa o-tanoshimi ni yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!!

Thank You Lord....

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Never Give Up On Me
OST "Facing The Giants" - Album Perfect Day
by. Josh Bates

Time after time YOU’ve been left behind like the sun when it’s starting to rain
Time after time YOU’ve been forgotten like a picture that’s faded with age
Time after time YOU ran after me when I was still running away

YOU never give up on me... No, YOU never give up on me
Though I’m weak YOU are strong, YOU told me I still belong
No, YOU never, never give up on me

Time after time I’ve used YOUR grace as a way to do what I please
I’ve taken for granted prayers that YOU answered never been all I could be
YOU are holding out your hands and now I clearly see

(Repeat Chorus)

YOU always erase all my mistakes
YOU lift me up when I'm down
Through all the ages YOUR love never changes
YOU welcome me just as I am

(Repeat Chorus)

Never give up, never give up on me...


Thank you so much Lord, for reminding me of your loyal love through this song....
Thanks for giving me the strenght when I'm down...